A well-curated selection of fine wines, beers & spirits, focusing on local and artisinal producers.



New world or old world, northern hemisphere or southern, warm or cool climate - no matter what you're looking for, we have something that you'll fall in love with at every price point. From everyday values to world class Burgundy, our wine shop has you covered.


We believe that local beer just simply tastes better. That's why more than 1/3 of our selection comes from within 200 miles of our bottle shop. But don't worry, we still stock many of your favorites from coast to coast as well as the most sought after special releases.


Local doesn't just apply to beer anymore... We've designed our spirits selection around distilleries found in our backyard and filled in the gaps with classics from across the globe. Farm to glass, barrel-aged, column distilled, small batch, organic - you'll find it all.

“This little place is amazing. Don't be fooled by this small shop; they have everything you need. This is one of the best wine shops in the city...” Mark Rode, Mpls, Google Reviews